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At Apex, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Doing just what’s expected, quite frankly is not good enough. Our philosophy is to go above and beyond in all aspects of our business. Our relentless commitment to excellence ultimately results in total customer satisfaction. Nobody Offers You More Quality and Value Than Apex – We Guarantee It!

Our warranty

Check with other service centers, most offer a 1 year 20k (or less) warranty on their repairs. How do we offer 3 times the coverage.

We take our time to do things right

We thoroughly evaluate vehicles before work is done, we then perform services using top quality parts and all the best tools, information and equipment, and finally perform our 2 quality control inspections before returning vehicles to our clients. This attention to detail ensures long lasting repairs and ultimately happy clients, getting maximum worry-free enjoyment from their vehicles. At Apex we don’t just offer premium auto service, we offer complete customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.